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Sure, a good set of snow or all-season tires can help improve handling on snowy, icy roads. Buick, however, has raised the bar for all-weather control with its intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. Not every vehicle is equipped with the technologies necessary to reduce wheel slip and improve traction, which is why the AWD Buick Regal is worth some serious consideration for St. Louis, MO drivers.

This innovative system monitors all four tires for more sure-footed winter drives. We all know how easy it is to slip and slide on Missouri's snow-covered roads, and the Regal's exemplary performance features ensure that you get to your destination as safely as possible.

Jim Walter, Buick All-Wheel Drive Engineer, talks us through this extraordinary system in the video below:

To test drive the newest Regal or to learn more about Buick's famous all-wheel drive system, please contact Dave Sinclair Buick GMC, a proud part of the Dave Sinclair Auto Group serving the greater St. Louis, MO area.